Kylie’s Bodyguard Was Forced To Put Up The Official Statement

Kylie Jenner’s baby’s paternity drama was recently all over the internet. A lot of speculations were raised and her ex-boyfriend Tyga was once again dragged into it. However, the rumors stopped when Kylie’s bodyguard Tim Chung declared an official statement. But now it has come to notice that this might not be the truth as Tim was forced to make an official statement. Read more to find out what happened.

Kylie Jenner’s daughter’s paternity was once again questioned


After being speculated as being Kylie’s ex Tyga daughter Stormi’s paternity was once again questioned and this time it created a bigger drama than before. The rumors affected both the parents.

It was the fans who noticed something absurd in Stormi’s pictures



When Kylie started sharing Stormi’s pictures a fan speculated that she looked like Kylie’s bodyguard Tim Chung and since then people started to draw conclusions.

Kylie and Travis took the entire thing as a joke


The couple initially took the whole thing as a joke and let it go. However, things started heating up when fans started digging up more on Tim and prove that he is Stormi’s father.

Travis was annoyed with the rumors


The insider added that the rapper has even threatened to end the relationship over it! “Travis has gone from laughing about it, to getting furious,” they said. “Travis knows that Kanye had similar issues with Kim’s security team so he sought his advice before giving Kylie the ultimatum, the bodyguard has to go or I will.”