Kylie’s Family Stands In The Way Of Kylie And Travis Getting Married

The recent mom and dad have been much closer than before. While the baby keeps them both busy it seems they want to settle down finally. While we all know Travis is all ready to marry Kylie it seems this time even Kylie is all eager to put a ring on it. The couple was planning to elope and get married however recent news states that Kylie’s family is against them getting married. Read more to know what happened.

Plans After Birth Of Stormi


Kylie gave birth to baby Stormi on 1st Feb. She was determined to take care of Stormi by herself and never left her alone. Travis, on the other hand, wanted them to spend some time together after the stressful days Kylie was facing. Kylie denied to leave Stormi and Travis had to drop the plan.

Miami Getaway



Kylie and Travis finally decided to spend some time with each other and planned a visit to Miami. They were seen showing PDA and were enjoying their own time. Travis was up to something and wanted Kylie to say yes.

Marriage Proposal


As the couple was having a good time with each other, Travis went on to ask Kylie and wanted to take things further with her. As their co-parenting things were doing great and brought them closer, he asked Kylie for marriage.

Kylie Being Crazy About Travis


The way Travis is taking care of her and the baby Kylie has nothing more to ask. They have been getting closer to each other and Kylie doesn’t take anything again Travis. Their recent “can’t wait to elope” news broke out on the internet and this is what they are up to. Click next to read more.