Leah announces she’s adding to her family and fans are going crazy about it. Read the article to know more

Leah Messer has Teen Mom fans freaking out!

In the recent past, Teen Mom Leah has been quite a lot in the news for her 4th baby.

Just a month ago

If you remember just a month ago there was some news that Leah the 25-year-old was dating. Sources said that she was dating the lead singer of an up-and-coming country band.

Mystery Man


In the above picture, both Leah and Brian were seen together having a good time. Leah Messer jokes about him when she is asked about her new ‘mystery man’.

We know that Leah is trying to finish college


Leah earlier admitted she couldn’t handle the commute to college while raising three kids. Then why 4th?

Leah has three daughters.


Leah already has three daughters, they are Aleeah Simms and Aliannah Simms whose father is Corey Simms, Adalynn Calvert whose father is Jeremy Calvert.

Her daughters are growing up…


Leah revealed she was very “emotional” over all for the first time. Maybe she’s missing a baby in the house?

Big Baby

The reality star shared an adorable video of her “big baby” on Twitter and followers cannot get over the cuteness.

Boxer Love

“I love this big babyyyy so much! #Champ #boxerlove #myboy,” Leah tweeted with a video of her dog. So cute! So this is the baby everyone is talking about.