Leah Seeks Support for Daughter Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy!

Here we have a shocking news where Teen Mom Leah seeks support for daughter Ali’s muscular Dystrophy. Read the article to know more.



Leah gave birth to Ali on 16 December 2009, whose father is Corey Simms.

Ali had health issues.


Leah Messer’s daughter Ali’s health issues have been a major part of Leah and Corey’s story on Teen Mom 2.

Ali was later diagnosed with….


Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, Muscular dystrophy affects her mobility and all her major organs like her lungs and heart.

Ali still sometimes struggles to keep up with her twin sister Aleeah.


Ali is a strong girl, a source said “Ali isn’t in her chair full time. She only uses it as needed.”  Last if you remember Ali told her mother that she was having more difficulty with her condition lately…

Leah even called Corey recently…


Leah said, “The reason I am calling is because Ali is having a hard time catching her breath and I think I need to take to her to emergency room because she says she couldn’t breathe.”

Leah was very worried about Ali


Corey talked Leah in taking Ali to the hospital, “She’s fine…I think it’s a little scarier for us. But we’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Ali’s condition was worsened!


Leah said,  “She had mentioned to us that she hadn’t been eating at school and that she was falling a lot, she needs somebody with her, by her side, at all times”. She added, “I’m fighting for Ali — I’m going to do everything that she needs done, we wanted her to be independent, and at the same time things are becoming progressive.”

Messer broke the news to Ali after her meeting with the school


Leah told her her daughter that she will be aided, “Whenever you’re at lunch and you’re going to eat, you’ll have somebody who’ll open your food,”.