How dare he..!! Ryan Reynolds has a large number of fan following and the reason behind this is that He is Mr. Perfect. And every girl’s Dream Husband.

1. His middle name is Rodney and yet he’s still suave AF.


Its Ryan. Rodney. Reynolds.

2. Plus he’s all sincere and shit.

And he knows his responsibilities.. Every girl’s dream..!

3. During his Walk of Fame ceremony, he couldn’t take his eyes off this one blonde girl.


Blake lively is so blessed. She don’t need to look after her kids..

4. And, okay, she’s his kid — but then, like, shouldn’t she be wearing custom Balmain like North West?


She is pro like her daddy. And she is a fashionista.

5. He shared a gift his nephew made him on Instagram, which is silly because everyone knows kids don’t even look at Instagram so it’s not like his nephew got to feel like a king for a day or anything.


It seems like He always take efforts to keeps kids happy, And he loves them

6. Look at that smile. All in love with his wife. Disgusting.


I wish somebody will look at me like he does.

7. He posts the most sickeningly adorable throwback family photos.


Family is his priority that we can see in his instagram profile.

8. He clearly gives no craps about his fans.

9. His daughters have a unicorn-riding handmade cuddly doll of him. This isn’t cute at all.


Ugh, Cuddly cuddly daddy.

10. Seriously, Reynolds, stop being awesome already. It’s making the rest of us look bad.


Oh, Ryan.Oh, Ryan.