Legendary Pop Star Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp ‘Bubbles’ Is A Famous Artist

A sad story of a 34 year on chimpanzee who was once owned by Michael Jackson recently sold 5 paintings for £3 K

For a surprise the peoples’ favorite Late. Michael Jackson the legendary pop star has left behind one of his close friend to no one to take his responsibility is now in the retirement sanctuary of Florida. A friend that MJ owed as a chimpanzee is now in a sanctuary for his better life. Take a look.

A click that brings tears in Bubbles eyes is a souvenir which he keeps in his pocket


This is a click that was taken when Michael Jackson shared a cup of tea with Bubbles while they were on tour in Japan. This picture does bring Bubbles in tears as his master & friend would feed him with his own hands.

A Shoulder to Lean on for Bubbles, who used to walk along with the King of Pop


The rich n’ famous Jackson never gave the sanctuary cheques or cash roll to the staff org. a penny — nor a banana — towards Bubbles’s upkeep. A picture that is taken with his chimp friend when heading after the concert, where bubbles looking proudly into MJ’s face.