Legendary Pop Star Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp ‘Bubbles’ Is A Famous Artist

A sad story of a 34 year on chimpanzee who was once owned by Michael Jackson recently sold 5 paintings for £3 K

When FAME got washed away for the Star’s Pet Friend


The 34 year old Chimpanzee named Bubbles looks a life as his days keep passing by, without his master. A life now he makes in a sanctuary with other primates like himself. Getting towards old-age he stays quite & calm looking up the sky.

Only sadness remains for Bubbles


These days, Bubbles is at an animal sanctuary in Florida with staff members who look after abandoned animals. Old by now, Bubbles at 34 looks with his tired eyes to the on lookers who one’s used to scream his name when he used to be in the star’s arms.


We all hope that Bubbles will have a peaceful old age. Hoping that he lives a more life without any depression or illness and stays happy in the sanctuary that he is been living now.