The Black Ink Crew finally got along together after a long time to have fun, but this don’t usually go right for this crew. They are always surrounded with controversies, they had this one chance to have fun, but it didn’t go so well! A fun intended prank went wrong for Lily, she once again proves why people call her stupid. Here we have a shocking story where Lily pushed Ryan into the pool and Ryan was very angry, read the article t  know what exactly happened after that.

Supposed to be a fun get-together!

the crew after a long time finally got together for a pool party, everyone was having fun, with the girls in the pool and the guy eating out, they were having loads of fun. But not for long….

You don’t mess with the boss!


In the reality show Blank Ink Crew, there has been a lot of drama in the past, but if there’s anyone you don’t mess with in 9Mag it’s the boss, yet Lily somehow found a way to piss him off.

Ryan and his staff having fun.

Ryan and his staff were having fun, they were making fun of Charmaine’s wig, she got only one wig for the whole Cabo trip. Then suddenly Lily decides to do something really stupid…

Lily sneaks up behind Ryan!

Lily decides to sneak up behind Ryan to pull a nasty prank, she thought it would be funny to spontaneously push an injured Ryan into the pool. But it was not funny, see how Ryan reacts on next page….

Ryan doesn’t see the funny side when he struggles to get out

Ryan was struggling to get out of the pool with his cast on, everyone knows that casts are not meant to get wet also Ryan has his two phone sin his pocket, the situation got worse!

Upset from having a soaked cast and losing both of his phones…

After struggling to get out and being upset for losing his phones and a wet cast, Ryan starts flipping out and starts abusing loudly! Lily ignoring the problem with the cast on Ryan’s hand, un-apologetically says he can can easily buy a new one. Lily doesn’t seem to understand the problem here, read on next page…..

Ryan walks away from the pool area

Ryan flipped out shouts at everyone and leaves the pool area after smashing a glass on the floor. Ryan’s girlfriend Rachel tries to explain that although it was fun and games.

Ryan storms out breaking the glass door.

Ryan angry with the incident storms out immediately, breaking the glass door on his way out. Ryan says he is done with the trip, Lily now must be regretting her plan to have fun!