The king of Rock – Linkin Park band(lead singer) shocks the world around with his message of death, And we all would miss him always, but his songs will be a living source. You & we all will Miss you Chester..!!!!

Life before this turn could come


Chester Bennington In the LIVE concert around 2009.

Was 2017 the end of the Road..?


Just hours after his death, the body of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was seen taken by the paramedics..

The ‘Hybrid Theory’ of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington


IDays Festival in Monza, Italy where Chester Bennington performs LIVE

Suicide by stress or Murder


The singer’s death comes on the birthday of his close pal Chris Cornell – the Soundgarden frontman who was found hanged in his hotel room.

Life Partner or a causer of his death..? yet to be revealed…!!


Talinda Ann Bentley wife of Chester Bennington.. Is she the cause or the stress of something that has not yet reveled.

The Catalysis of or for what that come on Chester Bennington


A screen shot of the ‘tweets’ that state that Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda says she was more for money not a relation.

The CRAZY fans cry in Despair after the news

The rontman and singer of the US-band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington arrives at the award ceremony of the 26th German music award ‘Echo’ in Berlin, Germany, 6 April 2017

Daddy where have you gone..?


Jaime M. Bennington with daddy… The 21 year old will have the biggest shock & has to bury this ugly truth.

In the End.. But in the end it “does” matter


We are departed, where have you gone daddy..???? You were our icon, daddy please come back…

The Family BOND of Chester & his son’s


Starting from the eldest Jaime, Isaiah, Draven, Tyler. For them daddy has gone forever, but won’t leave their heart.