List Of Strict Protocols Followed By The Royal Family While Dressing

As the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is approaching and all our eyes are gazing at Markle, to see how American woman will transform herself to fit in UK’s Royal Family. Most of the people know how the family really is and Americans are obsessed with them. The people who were not so interested in the Royal family have started building keen interest in the family, all thanks to the show “The Crown”. There are still some set of rules which are strictly followed by the Royal Family which is not much talked about on the internet. The entire family follows a strict set of rules when it comes to dressing.

1. The reason queen always wears a hat


Queen Elizabeth II is surely a stylist when it comes to wearing hats. People still don’t know why she’s always seen wearing a hat. It’s an old English tradition that Queen Elizabeth follows religiously. Though the traditions have changed with time as you won’t see Kate or Meghan wearing such hats.

2. Why does queen wear gloves?



Once a style statement, these gloves have now turned into a must-wear accessory for the Queen. The Queen wears gloves to keep her hands clean and bacteria free, as she shakes hands with several people in a day.

3. Why does queen always wear bright colors in public events?


As you may have just noticed, the ruler wears a brilliant outfit in people in general occasions to stand out of the crowd. The ruler’s assistant, Angela Kelley suggested this. Click next to read more about the rules and regulations for Royal Family.