Little Fighter Kitten Kanga Roo Entered Into New Family’s Life And Won Their Hearts

In Northern California, a tiny one-pound kitten was dropped off at a house to be euthanized. She had radial hypoplasia, which affects the height of a leg, and caused her front legs to be curled in. She had a difficult time stepping on all fours because of her short limbs.

She has a family now, And it’s adorable!


As per facebook page, we got to know that her family members are two human parents, Brandon and Brownie two puppy brothers, and kitty sister skittles.

Kanga roo is living a normal life but She is popular on social media.


In spite of her sickness, Kanga Roo experiences no difficulty in living her life the way any typical cat would. She plays with her siblings and she is loved by the people through her Facebook and Instagram accounts. What is happening with family now?? Want to know? Then click on The Next Page.