Little Fighter Kitten Kanga Roo Entered Into New Family’s Life And Won Their Hearts

In Northern California, a tiny one-pound kitten was dropped off at a house to be euthanized. She had radial hypoplasia, which affects the height of a leg, and caused her front legs to be curled in. She had a difficult time stepping on all fours because of her short limbs.

Hestor her soulmate..


Hestor and Kanga Roo formed a tight bond in the initial 19 days the family had him, which convinced them to keep him.

Kanga Roo is Superstar…


Kanga Roo and her family have been standing out as truly newsworthy in a few productions as of now. Her life has been highlighted in more than ten publications.


Kanga Roo’s family also adopted another kitten with the same ailment as Kanga Roo named Alealani.


You can follow Kanga Roo and her furry Siblings and friends on her social media pages at KangaRooTheKitty.