Logan Paul’s Receives An Answer From YouTube For His Recent Behavior

Five weeks after his video of a man who conferred suicide in a backwoods in a Japan turned into a web sensation or possibly hostile to viral. The immensely mainstream YouTube star, Logan Paul, has at last confronted some critical institutional results. Keep Reading to know the full story.

Logan Paul


Logan Alexander Paul is an American performing artist, executive, and web identity. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine.

Vine and YouTube Beginnings



Paul rose to popularity as a part on the Internet video sharing administration Vine. In 2014 he had achieved 105,000 Twitter devotees, 361,000 Instagram supporters, 31,000 likes on his Facebook page and around 150,000 endorsers of his YouTube channel.

Logan Paul Youtube Channel


TheOfficialLoganPaul is the YouTube account utilized by Paul to upload short movies and funny video. Paul likewise presents a day by day vlog on “Logan Paul Vlogs”, transferring each day without fall fail from September 12, 2016, to January 1, 2018.

Legal Issues


On November 23, 2017, Paul discharged his new single, “No Handlebars”, a track based vigorously around an added test of the tune “Handlebars” by the American elective hip jump bunch Flobots. The melody was intensely condemned for its apparent sexual generalization of ladies. Keep Reading to know more about Logan on next page…