London Euston Rail Station Holds Christmas Lunch For 200 Homeless People

The last train left at 23:00 on Sunday and the passengers are home - but the concourse is busy with people sitting down to a Christmas Day feast December st. An arrivals board reads: "Special notice: Network Rail invites you to Euston Station. Merry Christmas!" For the first time, the transport hub has become a homeless shelter for 200 people - as one of many public spaces that normally lie empty on Christmas. Read the article to know the complete story.

Jon Glackin said..


“People we’ve known over the years are coming along. Something we’ve always tried to highlight is empty buildings, for feeding people, for sleeping and for shelters,” he said.

Christmas cards were distributed


Kids from schools in the neighborhood made Christmas cards to give to the visitors. The 200 individuals were welcomed by homeless charities, St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen.