Look What The Infamous Smoking Baby Who Went Viral Two Years Ago, Is Doing Now!

Ardi Rizal shocked the world in 2010 when his 40-a-day fag addiction first came to light. The Indonesian youngster has kicked the habit since then he was smoking a lot, but you will be surprised to know what he is doing now! Read the article to know...

I’am sure he didn’t knew that it was a bad habit.


One could imagine how did this kid got into the habit of smoking and why isn’t anyone trying to stop him. Instead they are making him famous for the wrong reasons.

Kids first squirt gun or toy.


Ardi’s mom justified his actions saying that it was just something he picked up. Ardi later became such an addict that he wouldn’t stop even for a day. When 20/20 met with him, his mom was at her wit’s end with the issue, and with having a kid with such an unusual problem.