Look What The Infamous Smoking Baby Who Went Viral Two Years Ago, Is Doing Now!

Ardi Rizal shocked the world in 2010 when his 40-a-day fag addiction first came to light. The Indonesian youngster has kicked the habit since then he was smoking a lot, but you will be surprised to know what he is doing now! Read the article to know...

He was taken for therapy for his smoking addiction after which he quit smoking.


In the therapy to quit his smoking addiction which he did quit, but later lost his will to another health hazard called ‘overeating’. Now Ardi is still kept under regular check to ensure he is not falling back into old habits. But for Ardi’s parents problems are not over….

Rizal is now worried about her son’s weight as he is now addicted to eating a lot!!


Ardi’s parents are trying their best to keep their sons health in check and to keep him healthy and away from all the bad addictions that can destroy his health and life.