Lord Of Rings Memes That Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Lord Of The Rings is one of the biggest selling books in the world. The Movie made on the books are also very famous. The Lord of the Rings movie series is one of the best movie series with a big cult following. Like every movie, people around the world have made lots of Memes on these movies series too. Here are some of the memes that will totally blow your mind away and will make to laugh.

#10 King Should Be Armed


Things you do to convince someone is not listening to any of your choices. The Gandalf and his company armed to convince the king to come with them.

#9 Got New Phone



That Reaction, when you got a new phone and you haven’t synced your contacts.The thing when suddenly someone calls to informed you some important news.

#8 Trying To Impress A Girl


The things you say simply say or do to impress a girl you just met. Never forget to quote ‘Lord Of The Rings’ it might earn you some extra point.

#7 Times Up


The way you look at your professor when the time is up and he still continues with the lecture. Keep reading to see more exciting and funny memes on next page…