Lucid Motors Unveils Details About Its Upcoming Lucid Air Sedan Car Model

The American electric automotive company Lucid Motors is ready to set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle sphere. In a global web broadcast, the company unveiled that its most anticipated Lucid Air Sedan is expected to hit the road by the springs of 2021.

The company said introduced 4 variants of its Lucid Air model. Out of the four, the Dream edition and Grand Touring model is expected to go into production at its maiden factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, later this year. The two of these cars are going to cost around USD 169K and USD 139K respectively. Meanwhile, its Touring model and base model which costs around USD 95K and USD 80K respectively. The company unveiled that they are going to into production between 2021 and 2022.

Lucid Motors claims that its Touring Model has 800 horsepower and confers an estimated range of 517 miles and has the capability to reach 60 miles in less than 3 secs. Besides this, its Dream Edition has 1,080 horsepower and touts a range of 465 miles. Moreover, it said their models are the fastest charging EV until now. The firm’s CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson said in a recent interview that its new car is the Mercedes S class version in the electric vehicle space. “Tesla (Model S) is premium, it’s beautifully engineering and it’s super disruptive” but can’t be compared to what “we’re offering,” he said.

“With the Lucid Air, we have created a halo car for the entire industry, one which shows the advancements that are possible by pushing the boundaries of EV technology and performance to new levels,” he added. The flagship Air Model is embedded with 32 sensors and has an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for effortless driving on highways. Along with this, it 34-inch curved glass display with a 5K display that is fitted in front of the driver.

The car will be equipped with the facial recognition feature and to bring the best out of the experience, Lucid has collaborated with Amazon Alexa to control and communicate with the car. Along with Lucid Air, the company also unveiled a glimpse of the Lucid Gravity, which is an SUV. Both the cars shares the same features and is expected to go in production, not before 2023.

 Atieva, now Lucid Motors, was founded in 2007 and was came into existence with a different motto. Earlier, the company’s aim was to create electric car battery technology and focusing to become the battery supplier or Formula. E. Rawlinson joined the company in 2013 with the former Tesla VP and board member Bernard Tse and serial entrepreneur Sam Weng. Fast forward in 2019, Lucid bagged an investment of USD 1 Billion from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Its funding was to begin the engineering development and testing of Lucid Air.

On September 9, 2020, Elon Musk tried to take a shot on Lucid’s CEO by tweeting that ‘Rawlinson didn’t design Model S. Prototype was done before he joined & left us in the lurch just as things got tough, which was not cool. He did make some contributions to body/chassis engineering, but not to powertrain, battery, electronics, or software.” Rawlinson didn’t respond to the tweet.