Maci Bookout gets some seriously shocking news regarding Ryan Edwards. And though she doesn’t go into specifics, it’s pretty obvious the bombshell is that he’s on drugs.

1. Worried about Ryan Edward

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG left fans completely worried about Ryan Edwards’ health after Maci Bookout dropped a major bombshell.

2. Really scary stuff

The mother-of-three revealed to her husband, Taylor McKinney, that she found out shocking information about her first baby daddy and only described it as “really scary stuff,” and that they need to figure out a plan to get him “healthy and happy, and back to normal.”

3. Ryan was the worst

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to reveal their thoughts on the situation. “#TeenMomOG WOW! Ryan was the worst he’s ever been this last episode during the venue search. Someone needs to get him help like yesterday,” a user wrote.

4. Ryan’s drug issues are not surprising.

Another wrote, “Ryan’s drug issues are not surprising. His eyes always look like they want to pop out of their sockets. I hope he gets help #TeenMomOG.”

5. Maci remained quiet

On Monday night’s episode, Maci remained quiet regarding the details but did admit, “I did not know the severity of what is going on.”

6. Twitter bash

Despite Maci remaining quiet, a user wrote, “Ryan being a druggie is no surprise to us, Maci. #TeenMomOG.”

7. Ryan’s fiancée, Mackenzie

A fan even speculated Ryan’s fiancée, Mackenzie’s reasoning to remain with him saying, “Ryan’s fiancée has to be in this for something else if he’s that deep into drugs and she hasn’t been with him long.” Ouch!

8. Ryan’s crazy eyes

“@TeenMom what the heck is going on with Ryan’s crazy eyes !!!! It’s creepy #TeenMomOG,” a viewer asked on Twitter.

9. Catelynn Lowell tweeted

Maci’s co-stars have her back! Catelynn Lowell tweeted at her, “@MaciBookout I give you mad props.. and so much love and support for Ryan.” Aww!

10. What did you think of Maci’s terrifying details about Ryan?