The Teen Mom show is one of the only reality shows where there are constant drama and fighting going on throughout the year. Some or the other star is ending up in controversies. Mackenzie who recently got married to Ryan Edwards is being surrounded by accusations that she is going against her baby daddy’s will and bring her son to the show. Read the article to know more…

Both Ryan and Mackenzie had relationships before meeting each other.


Both the stars were in different relationships before meeting each other, Mackenzie was not a part of the Teen Mom show but Ryan was as he was engaged to Maci Bookout.

Ryan’s relationship with Maci!


As we know that Ryan and Maci were high school sweethearts before welcoming a baby into the world on 16 and Pregnant. Both the stars loved each other a lot, at that time it seemed that their relationship would go on forever, but sadly it didn’t.

Mackenzie’s prior relationship!


Mackenzie Standifer was earlier married to Zachary Stephens in September 2013 when she was five months pregnant with their son, Hudson. She filed for divorce in July 2016 on the grounds of “inappropriate marital conduct.”

Ryan and Mackenzie both have kids!


Ryan has a son named Bentley with his ex-Maci and Mackenzie also has a son named Hudson with her previous husband Zach! Mackenzie has been accused of many things in the past since she first came in Teen Mom show. But recently she has been accused of going against her ex-husband and using her son, read more on Next Page…

After Mackenzie’s divorce was finalized…

The divorce was finalized in November 2016. Soon after her divorce from her husband Zach, Mackenzie met Ryan and they started dating, it was a new turning point in Mackenzie’s life!

Amidst the custody battle, Mackenzie got married to Ryan!


The couple got married on Saturday, November 18 in Tennessee, their wedding was filmed for the MTV series. Everyone is excited about their wedding!

Mackenzie was previously blamed for not paying attention towards her son Hudson!


The divorce was finalized in November 2016 and Stephens was ordered to pay Mackenzie $503 a month in child support as she would have the custody of her son. A source explains, “[Zach] wants to take Hudson from [Mackenzie].” Is Mackenzie really using her son for the money? Find out on the Next Page…

A source explains that Mackenzie is not taking good care of Hudson!


A source close to Mackenzie’s ex-husband Zach explains, “Zach doesn’t feel with her is where Hudson needs to be.” The source also said Hudson does not like to stay at Mackenzie’s place.

Has Mackenzie really crossed the line by using her son?


Here’s what we know about the situation, according to a friend of Mackenzie, she says that Hudson isn’t even allowed on the show. Is it true? Why hasn’t anyone said anything to her until now?

A source close to ex-husband Zach exploits Mackenzie…


A source close to Mackenzie’s ex-husband Zach explained, “He’s not supposed to be on the show, she exploits her son for a paycheck.” But Mackenzie clearly denies these accusations!