Malicious Pit Bull Attack Leaves Kentucky Woman Dead

Christmas sometimes can get a sad news too.While Kentucky was hit with this heart breaking news on Christmas Eve. Two pit bulls attacked an elderly couple in Kentucky coal town on Christmas eve .Read more.

Pit Bull Attack ,Kentucky


A woman was killed and her husband seriously injured after a vicious mauling by two pit bulls on Christmas Eve in a Kentucky coal town.

Elderly Couple Attacked



Two Bell County deputies responded to the scene Sunday morning in Arjay and discovered the woman and her husband “had been savagely attacked” by two pit bulls, the sheriff’s department said in a statement. Investigators claimed  the husband managed to shoot the dogs afterwards, killing one of them.

Detailed Video


The Bell County Coroner’s Office reported  the woman  killed was Lorraine Brock Saylor, 66. While some sourced identified the husband as Johnny Saylor.The sheriff’s department said a caller had reported his brother and sister-in-law were attacked by two of their neighbor’s dogs.

Sherrif Warns people



The elderly lady Lorraine Saylor was declared dead at the scene. Her husband was hospitalized.“The husband suffered wounds as well, but was able to shoot both dogs, killing one while the other ran off,” the department told.Turn next.