Man Astounds Girlfriend With Engagement And Wedding In One Night And Its Just Aww!!

Proposals , engagements and  weddings are all a big thing. Most of the people find it tiring to plan or freak out on such occasion. But can you imagine engagement and wedding on the same day? In fact in just one night, dream come true right? Well it did come true for a New York couple. Read more to know the details.

Wedding Planning Is Stressfull


Danny Rios made it easy for the bride to be by planning the engagement and wedding on just one night. It was really a lot of efforts put in by the groom which showed how much he cared for her. The  New York man organised  a surprise engagement and wedding in one night in order to alleviate the stress of wedding planning for his bride.

Danny And Nicole Rios



The bride, Nicole Rios, suffers from lupus, a condition that is aggravated by stress.Danny Rios, spent more than five months planning in order to both propose to Nicole Rios and marry her in a span of less than two hours, as well as keep it a surprise. Kudos to you guy!

Surprise Surprise!


Danny explained how he feels for all the ladies when they plan their weddings.“I give women so much credit for all the planning they do for weddings,” Danny Rios said. “I kind of turned into a ‘bridezilla’ during it.”

Danny Explains How He Feels For The Ladies


The idea struck Danny in August to surprise his now-wife when they returned to their Smithtown, New York, home from a trip last month, just days after Nicole Rios’ birthday. Turn next for beautiful pictures and reactions.