A Man From Florida Lost His Arm After An Alligator Ate His Keys

Gregory Spencer, 39 From Florida US Tells Us His Tragic Escape Of His Life From The Croc That Ripped Off His Arm.

This is a real story of Gregory Spencer (39) from Florida US, tells us his tragic escape of his life from the Croc that swallowed his Arm and not his LIFE though being drunk & yet escaped is a Miracle of his life.

Never think of getting drunk & play or fool around a Crocodile


A ride on a crocodile will be foolish idea for people who are not drunk, but for some it is just ‘fun without fear’. ‘Come on lets ride crocky…!!’

Drunk & gone


‘Never Drink n’ Drive’ the same goes when you are getting close to Crocodiles. Whether in Park, River, or at your backyard lake. Never drink & mess with these ferocious reptiles they may come up from any where to attack.