Being born in a Royal family is not as it seems, though there is a greater number of advantages of being born in one, the disadvantages or restrictions are really annoying sometimes. Being a part of the Royal family you are exposed to power, fame, money, etc. But each of these comes with a restriction. As we all know that recently Meghan Markle recently got engaged with Prince Harry, being a part of the Royal family now, even Meghan has a few restrictions. Read the article to know more…..

From dating to being engaged!


Meghan and Prince Harry were introduced by friends in London, both had some connection going on. Soon after meeting each other more often they started dating.

Their first official public appearance as a couple.


This royal couple made their first public appearance during the Invictus Games in Toronto. By coming to the game together the couple openly acknowledged their relationship and have been photographed together.

Meghan went from being a celebrity to a Royalty!


The star actress from ‘Suits’, Meghan recently got engaged to Prince Harry in a small ceremony where Prince Harry went down one knee and proposed the love of his life.

Meghan being a royalty will be named ‘Duchess of Sussex’, along with some serious restrictions!


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be named ‘Duchess of Sussex’ and her husband the ‘Duke of Sussex’. Meghan will not only enjoy the perks of being a part of the Royal family, but she will also have to follow certain rules, find out what these rules are on the Next Page…..

Being an actress Meghan’s lifestyle was different!


Meghan Markle being a celebrity has a very fashionable lifestyle, she is used to wearing all sorts of different styles of dresses that make her a unique style icon in the industry.

The Royal family has different style standards than that of a celebrity!


Along with certain rules, Meghan will also have to follow the Royal family standards of style and dresses! According to the rules, Meghan won’t be allowed to wear this kind of dress, find out on Next Page what is it?

Meghan Markle is already preparing to come to grips with royal life.


You should know that the Queen has a very strict style rule, it is said that her ‘Majesty’, The Queen enforces a “no knees” policy when it comes to royal outfits.

Meghan won’t be wearing mini dresses or shorts anymore!?

Looking at Meghan’s recent outfits it seems that Meghan is already started following the “no knees” rule. Meghan is now seen wearing very conservative outfits including midi dresses and tailored trousers.