It’s one of the long awaited fights this year the fight between McGregor and Mayweather. Both the athletes have had a shot at each other with verbal fights now it’s time for the final showdown. But here’s a twist, McGregor’s sparring partner reveals a secret weakness about him. Read the article to find out more.

All eagerly anticipating the ‘super fight’.


The Floyd Mayweather’s super-fight with Conor McGregor has been going on since they last met at the press conference. Almost two years of verbal jousting finally came to a head last month when it was announced that the pair would meet under boxing rules to settle their differences.

The Notorious will fight.


Mayweather and McGregor will face off in a boxing match on August 26, in what many have labelled a complete mismatch. If you remember in the last conference they met the 28 year old Irish born fighter had the biggest insult prepared for 40 years old Mayweather, hidden in plain sight with McGregor wearing a suit complete with pin stripes containing the words ‘F**K YOU’ throughout the press call.

According to boxer Jessie Vargas.


It was reported that McGregor’s former sparring partner – Chris van Heerden – claimed the Irishman looked vulnerable and open to several counter shots in their sessions, which is bad news if Conor wants to win the match!

Vargas revealed that.


According to boxer Jessie Vargas during an interview with Villainfy Media revealed his thoughts saying, on the upcoming bout, mentioning rumours of McGregor’s KO he said, “Conor has 1% – maybe 0.5% chance of winning, he got knocked out in sparring already. The boxing world is small, it’s a small circle. I heard they tried Brandon Rios but he knocked him out, so they had to push him away.”

Former boxer Paulie Malignaggi


The former boxer Paulie Malignaggi was a two-weight world champion, much like The Notorious. Paulie Malignaggi is qualified to give his opinion about how McGregor will perform, especially after being the Irishman’s sparring partner.

They trained with each other last week


Paulie being the sparring partner with McGregor, they trained a lot last week, but disappointingly Malignaggi spilled the beans on how he wasn’t blown away by the UFC man’s power.

During an interview Paulie said…


Paulie said, “It’s definitely above average. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘Oh my God’ power, this is what I call ‘Oh my God’ power, even in sparring, and you’re like ‘Oh my God,’ like wow, this guy really hits hard. Now, ‘Oh my God’ power is very rare. There’s above average power, so if he lands a good shot on you, I mean granted, with small fight gloves he will hurt you, but it’s not ‘Oh my God’ power where every time he touches you you’re like my goodness, this is very uncomfortable. It’s not that kind of power, but it’s good enough.”

Despite Paulie’s assessment


Malignaggi explains, “I can’t say based on a sparring session, ‘oh I’m going to pick this guy to win the fight.’ But I will say this, he’s serious about what he wants to do. He has an awkwardness to where he can land some shots, and I wouldn’t say his power is what the reputation holds it for. I wouldn’t say it’s that strong, but his power is enough to where you definitely should respect it.”