Here we have an amazing news where the new Teen moms have been revealed, who are they? Find out when you read the article.

Long back it was announced the start of a new show.


It was reported that a new season of 16 and Pregnant is now filming in south New Jersey.

The details about the new were recently confirmed.


It’s now officially confirmed that the newest series will be “Teen Mom: New Jersey,” beginning this fall.(MTV)

The filming of the show had already started.


Fans had no idea what were they filming for, the new series is to start with four or five young moms, other details are not yet revealed.

MTV has confirmed they will be expanding their popular Teen Mom franchise with Teen Mom New Jersey!


The producers of the show weren’t sure whether or not the new show would be a new version of Teen Mom, a new season of 16 and Pregnant, or an entirely new show altogether.

Finally the cast of the show is revealed, we will start with Sunshine Jones.


Sunshine Jones is a member or one of the mom of the Teen Mom 4 cast, she is a 19 year old mom who is married to Doug Jones. She also has a daughter named Deklan Austin Jones born on July 24. Sunshine and Dough got married just 4 days ago.

Second Teen Mom is Kaycie Flores.


Kaycie Flores is around 18 years old, she was a student (a junior) in high school in 2015. Kaycie and Francis became friends in August last year and then Kaycie gave birth to daughter Azalea Rose on May 18.  

Devin McFaull.


Devin McFaull is one of the possible Teen Moms in the cast, she is very socially active. Devin is married to Rugga Dump, they have a daughter together Karina Jade Lopez, who was born on June 2.

Angelica Garcia and Kaitlyn Marcacci

The one on the left is Kaitlyn Marcacci and one on the right is Angelica Garcia. Angelica Garcia is also very active on social media with the above mentioned moms, so her probability of being part of the show is more, she gave birth back in November. Kaitlyn Marcacci is also one of the moms on the show.