Megan McKenna Cheats On Pete Wicks While Partying With Harry Eden

Here we have a really interesting news where Megan after denying cheating on Pete was caught partying with ex- Harry Eden. Seeing this TOWIE cast refuse to shoot with her. Read the article to know more...

A source told Megan’s night of cheat!


The source said, ‘Megan and Harry were all over each other on Saturday. They spent the night kissing and dancing at Faces and Megan couldn’t look happier. Megan did everything she could to hide her and Harry’s face as they left the club – they jumped into the back of a cab and hid under a jacket.’

The angry cast turned her down!


Megan was forced to leave TOWIE after the cast turned against her. The source said, ‘Megan was forced to leave as the entire cast have turned against her. They are outraged at her cheating on Pete and refused to film with her’.