Meghan Markle Already Breaking Royal Christmas Traditions

Traditions are very important for certain communities and families, it is an even where certain kind of people mostly family relatives meet up and follow the rules and ways of traditions. For the Royal family traditions are very important, the family has been following these traditions for hundreds of years. Now for the first time, Megan Markle will be breaking this old tradition of the Royal family and everyone is shocked! Read the article to know more...

Prince Harry has apparently asked his grandmother to make an exception for Meghan.


It has been reported that Meghan Markle will be spending Christmas with the Royal family this year, she will be having Christmas dinner with the Queen and her future family. For the first time, a Royal tradition will be broken!

This is not the first tradition they will be breaking!


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be breaking another tradition when they get married next year. As we know that The Queen is the head of Church of England and they follow a tradition where a divorced woman is not encouraged to remarry. But Meghan will be breaking this old tradition as well!