Meghan Markle Now Officially Baptized In A Secret Ceremony

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner and every day something or the other comes up related to the wedding and soon becomes a sensation. For Meghan, the Royals have made many exceptions like breaking traditions and bending laws. It has now noted that Meghan was recently baptized before the wedding. Read more to know the details.

A Secret Ceremony


Meghan Markle has been baptized into the Church of England in a secret function with Prince Harry next to her.

Rituals By Archbishop of Canterbury



The cozy 45-minute ceremony was led by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Chapel Royal on Tuesday evening.

Accompanied By Prince Charles


They were joined by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, however, neither Prince William nor the Queen was available.

Meghan’s Baptism


Miss Markle’s baptism, which formally brings her into the Anglican faith ahead of her wedding to Harry in two months. Click next for more.