Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Might Face Real Dangers On Their Wedding Day

The Royal wedding has been a rather ravishing topic for months now. It’s been in the news since the royal couple Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement and ever since people are going crazy with new of wedding and engagement that keep coming. The wedding is supposed to take place in May and a shocking news has come up stating there might be a real danger for the couple on their wedding day itself. Read the article to know more.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle The Happy Couple


As the plans suggest and if everything goes well planned the fans might get a glimpse of the couple’s vows. The most important attraction of the wedding will be the two-mile procession for the new couple that has been planned through the streets of Windsor so they can wave at well-wishers and fulfill the wishes of all the ones gathered to see them.

With Royal Status Comes Threat




Even if this marks the beginning of Meghan’s new life which will get her more name and fame mostly the Royal status. However, with such gifts come great responsibility which we are pretty sure Meghan will carry out flawlessly. But as it is said the life os a royal is always accompanied with danger.

Prince William And Kate Middleton At Their Wedding


It is stated that it cost $33 million to protect  Prince William and Kate Middleton at their wedding in 2011. These preparations include setting snipers on rooftops, undercover police in the mobs, months of investigations by counter-terrorism officers and a lot more.

This Time The Security Bill Will Even Cost More


A similar threat is supposed to be wandering even for Prince Harry and Megha’s wedding on 19th May. It is estimated that security operations bill for Prince Harry and Meghan will be even higher than that of Prince William and Kate. What threat exactly stands in store for the couple? Read on the next page.