Meghan Markle Receives Royal Training

As we all know that Meghan recently got engaged to Prince Harry, she is just a few months away from being a part of the royal family permanently. Being a part of the Royal family is not easy, there are a lot of rules and restrictions you need to follow! But Meghan is not fully a part of the royal family yet, so Meghan does not have to follow every rule, also she is receiving royal training. To know what training she is receiving, read the article...

Meghan has access to Harry’s most trusted aides.


An insider said: “Meghan has had access to Harry’s most trusted aides since their relationship went public, so whether it’s advice on a business decision or handling a media issue, she’s been able to get advice whenever needed, and it’s been invaluable.”

Meghan was given some basic training.


The source further said, “On top of that, Meghan was given some basic training by protection staff, learning what to do in various situations, whether that’s receiving threats or if she’s worried about someone following her. As she doesn’t have round-the-clock security like Harry yet, it’s important that she has the right information and contacts on hand.”