Meghan Markle’s Fashion Sense Has Broken One More Royal Protocol

Ever since the news of Prince Harry and Meghan has been out in the world, there have been a lot of ohhhs and awws and fans can't get over it. Every day either an old rule is bent of a new one arises for the suits star. Meghan is highly considered and sought after actress who gave us major fashion and trend goals. Although the Royal family follows a fashion trend of its own, yet abides by the rules and regulations of the Royal Family, this time Meghan's new fashion statement might have broken another rule and we can't wait to find out what it is. Read more to know.

Rebellious Attitude


Once more Meghan’s rebel attitude has set the fans astonishing. She is a bold woman and follows her heart while speaking or even when it comes to fashion.

Major Goals


Kate Middleton also abides by the rules of the Royal Family. She has set major goals for royal hair fascination and tends to stick to more traditional styles. If it’s down, it’s in loose curls. If it’s up, she usually wears it tucked discreetly in a hairnet so her updos don’t move. Turn Next to know what exact hairstyle did she portray.