Melania Trump Tried Her Hand At Calligraphy In Japan, It Is Getting Viral For Hilarious Reason

Practically the main protocol of keeping yourself from turning into a meme is to never hold up a bit of paper that can be effectively photoshopped to show an option that is other than what was actually it when you were holding it. Tragically, Melania Trump didn't appear to get that message. After a current calligraphy lesson in Japan, the primary woman flaunted her workmanship. Obviously, the Internet got tightly to the photo and ran buck wild with jokes. Also, that is the means by which Melania turned into a meme.

Tragically, she felt free to hold up her calligraphy attempt at the ideal meme making angle.


Reddit has a whole community devoted to photoshop fights, so you better trust they had a field day with this photograph of Melania Trump.

While Japan’s first woman Akie Abe was for the most part taken off alone, Melania’s paper was transformed into a veritable cornucopia of creative pictures, including tic-tac-toe:


To be fair, Melania was most likely the “X” in this battle.


The image ifiers weren’t exactly kind to the First Lady, giving her an “F” for her hard work while Japan’s first lady got an “A+.”


But it was her first trial. The first lady of Japan has likely been working on this for a long time. Melania’s new to calligraphy, new to the First Lady position, and new to being a meme. Give her a break. Click on the next page to see most funny of them(memes).