Melania Trump Tried Her Hand At Calligraphy In Japan, It Is Getting Viral For Hilarious Reason

Practically the main protocol of keeping yourself from turning into a meme is to never hold up a bit of paper that can be effectively photoshopped to show an option that is other than what was actually it when you were holding it. Tragically, Melania Trump didn't appear to get that message. After a current calligraphy lesson in Japan, the primary woman flaunted her workmanship. Obviously, the Internet got tightly to the photo and ran buck wild with jokes. Also, that is the means by which Melania turned into a meme.

Do you remember this?


It’s legitimate. Melania’s the coolest child in the 6th-grade cafeteria. In any case, that wasn’t it! There were more…Or, on the other hand possibly what Melania truly needed to reveal to us was her enthusiastic and marginally pretentious defense of the humor in the Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty. Welcome to Meme Land, Melania. It is no way this is finished yet.

The picture that takes the win, however, is really another Japanese character.


A Redditor made it with the goal that Trump’s paper was the character for “offer assistance.” Trump’s calligraphy was embraced by the Internet for all of the wrong reasons.