Men Vs Women- They Are So Different

Even if the men and women are so different in almost everything, But can't live without each other. So here are some funny and honest comics drawn to show the difference between men and women.

4. Work Ready? Everyday Problem


As you know or may have heard about women taking more time than men to get ready. The scenario is shown in this amazing cartoon image. You’ll get what exactly it is.

5. Packing Stuff! Oh God


Women try to do everything so perfectly that they end up taking tension about them. As you can see they plan things months before leaving. On the other hand men, They Just get up put some stuff they need and leave within 5 mins. Oh, That’s how it’s done.

6. Social Life



The difference in the ratio can be so much that if a man gets to see the notification bar of a woman he’ll get goosebumps. Yes! this is what happens when we compare both.