Men Vs Women- They Are So Different

Even if the men and women are so different in almost everything, But can't live without each other. So here are some funny and honest comics drawn to show the difference between men and women.

7. Sharing A Bed Can Be A difficulty


Make sure she gets some good space on the bed, Yes you have to take care of that. Doesn’t matter if you get the space or not.

7. Workspace? That’s How They Maintain


Usually, the workspace of women is better than that of men. It’s messed up and all tangled cables in case of men and women just keep it simple and clean. On the other side, the desktops are messed up in case of women and men keep it clean.


8. Picking Up Products



Women will check each and every aspect of that product, in this case, a shampoo. And at the same time, it doesn’t matter for men.

9. Different Aspects Of Looking At Things


This How’s how men and women think at the same time. Both can be totally different, As you can see in this cartoon.