Mike Sorrentino’s Dad Accused Of A Serious Crime!

The Jersey Shore cast is always involved in some or other drama. While cheating scandals and crimes are common on the show we find that only the stars are involved in such things. However, when the immediate family is dragged in it creates an altogether different story. Recently Mike Sorrentino's dad has been accused of a serious crime and a person very close to them has spilled the beans. Read more to know what happened...

Mike is in huge trouble!


Mike is already in deep trouble, in September 2014, the Federal Grand Jury indicted the brothers for failing to pay taxes on $8.9 million of income.

Mike recently got engaged amidst his sentence!


Mike announced on his Instagram account and captioned it, “THE FUTURE MR & MRS SITUATION!” Mike got engaged to his high school crush Lauren Pasce. Mike is now free from sentence until his court hearing on Jun 20, 2018.


Before Mike could get sentenced his father was accused of some serious crime!


Mike was really happy to be engaged to the love of his life while he waited to get sentenced in June. But before his own sentence, his father got himself in some real legal trouble. You won’t believe who got Mike’s father trouble, find out on Next Page…