Christmas is just a few weeks away and you might have a whole lot of work pending before the holidays start. You need to clean and decorate your house, put up the lights and make holiday cards for your friends and family. Here we have really interesting and easy to do Christmas hacks that will make your holidays even better. Read the article to know more…

Make your Christmas tree look nice and healthy!


It’s not every time that you get a lush green healthy Christmas tree, most of the times you don’t. Not to worry, here is one simple way to fix it, you can use shiny green tinsel to make your Christmas tree lush green and healthy!

An easy way to store ornaments for your tree.


If you have a lot of decorative items or ornaments for your Christmas tree, you can easily store them in plastic cups or you can use empty egg crates to store smaller ornaments.

Don’t let those Christmas lights get tangled!


Many times people are always troubled by the tangled ball of lights, you have to spend hours you entangle them and some lights even break in the process. Here is a solution for you, you can use a hanger and wind the lights around it so that it does not get tangled again!

An easy way to get a Christmas manicure!


If you want a unique and amazing looking Christmas manicure, just use a few tapes and paste them on your nails with your desired design and just apply the nail paint! For more amazing and interesting hacks, read on Next Page…

Reuse items to make gifting boxes!


If you have made cookies and you want to gift it to people, don’t bother buying new gift boxes, you just use the empty tin foil boxes, decorate them and put in your cookies!

keep your ice cream worth eating!


To prevent your ice cream from hardening and keep it serve ready even after long hours in the freezer, all you need to do is keep the ice cream box in a plastic bag. Thos will keep the ice cream soft and always ready to serve! This next Christmas hack is very useful during Christmas, read on Next Page…

Make special attractions for kids.


One easy way to make Christmas special for your family, make some really delicious ‘elf’ doughnuts using cheerios for the children in the house. They will love eating this really delicious small treats!

Here is some fun for the adults!


Here one amazing idea that will heat up your Christmas celebrations, make some drinks for the adults, a huge pyramid of Jello shots will do just fine!