You Won’t Believe What Will Happen If You Hold Your Hand In This Position

How close do you know the Anatomy of your reflex & the motions of your Hand, This will make you think again, have a Look.

Relive your Hand by giving it a New Life of motion, From your hand to your Mind making you feel comfy, so do have a closer look at these motions that will give you the comfort like heaven.

The THUMB Reflex


Reflexologists say that, ‘The thumb’ is responsible for anxiety and headaches. If you’re experiencing a nervous headache, softly clutch your thumb for about 5 minutes. It will make certain changes in your mind dizziness.

The Forefinger or the ‘INDEX’ finger



As per Reflexologists say that this finger basically controls muscle pains as well as feelings of disappointment, fear, and embarrassment. It is stated that patients with back and muscle pains felt better after a cycle of ‘reflex therapy’. Clutching your forefinger with your other hand for 5 minutes will subside the pain for a while.