Mom Just Gave Birth To Her Baby, Then She Looks In Between Newborn’s Legs To See The Gender

After Kim Guiley and her significant other respected their first kid into the world in 2014, they realized that they needed another to complete their family. But this unexpected tragedy happened in their life. Read the article to know.

Her third pregnancy was also complicated


Kim further wrote on her blog, “we suffered through scare after scare – worries about my gallbladder, concerning images on the anatomy scan, small fundal measurements, too much amniotic fluid and a transverse baby at 36 weeks.”

All through the pregnancy, meanwhile, Kim and Travis didn’t know the child’s gender.


Notwithstanding Travis being quick to discover, during scans, the couple turned their heads when the baby’s lower half came into view.


They were clueless about baby’s gender


Kim addressed Today about the explanation for the mystery of the sex of the child: “After the miscarriage, I was just really attached to having a healthy baby, regardless of sex. My husband wanted to find out, and I said, ‘No, let’s have fun with it.’” Even so, Kim already had a good idea of the baby’s gender.

Kim believed, however, that she was having a girl. Why?


Because female babies are synonymous with troublesome pregnancies. Besides, minimal Hazel likewise suspected that her mother would have a baby girl. Could this be a course bookcase of female intuition?