Monopoly Is About To Release A Cheaters Version Of The Famous Board Game

Monopoly is one of the games where someone always cheats irrespective whom they are playing with. Probably there has not been a single game of Monopoly played on this earth where a player has not cheated in some way, big or small. Looking at this aspect of the game Hasbro has decided to take Monopoly to a new level. Keep reading to know more about the new Monopoly.



Monopoly is a board game for children but is also very famous among the grown ones. The rules of the game are simple, every player rolls two six-sided dice to move around. Every player has to move around the game-board buying and trading properties and develop them with houses and hotels.

Monopoly Cheaters



Monopoly is a game where almost everyone has cheated some time. There are many ways to cheat in this game like taking money from the bank or taking a property when anyone is not paying attention.

Monopoly Editions


Monopoly is one the most famous board game and having so many editions, is not a surprise. Monopoly has already had seven editions and all of them were famous some or the other time.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition


Hasbro formally created this awesome board game in the first place is now planning to release a new version. The New edition of monopoly is actually going to be based on a cheating theme. Turn to next page to know more about new monopoly.