Mother Sheds Light On Postpartum Depression Through Gripping Photographs

Mental illness has no place in our allegedly elite society discussions, given its psychological impact and repercussions. The topic has been accosted or simply spoken about in a hush-hush manner if discussed at all. At this point, we get to you this brave mother, Kathy DiVincenzo’s post, which boldly talks of Postpartum Depression. It is a kind of mood disorder wherein the mother after delivery experiences extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, crying episodes, and irritability.

Suffering from postpartum depression


Kathy DiVincenzo of Ohio suffered from postpartum depression, OCD, and anxiety after the birth of her second baby. Though she struggled with postpartum anxiety with her first child, it wasn’t as crippling; she was forced to seek advice from a professional after her second baby who is 4 months old as of now.

Her Facebook post about postpartum depression that went viral

Chances are, you're feeling pretty uncomfortable right now (trust me I am too). I'm going to challenge you to push past…

Posted by Kathy DiVincenzo on Monday, May 1, 2017

She chose to show the people what the experience looks like and used Facebook as a medium to reach out to the masses.