This Multimillionaire Is Living On A Desert Island Since 20 Years

Former mining boss reveals what it is like to live away from civilization after giving up the high life in Sydney.

A former multi-millionaire who swapped luxuries properties for a segregated island desert garden is celebrating 20 years living as a genuine.

David Glasheen has called a little island the north-eastern shore of Australia home since 1997, choosing to change his life after the previous high-flying Sydney entrepreneur lost $7 million in the 1987 stock market crash.

He cheerfully welcomes guests into his private world on Restoration Island – and even had Russell Crowe over for supper – yet says following two decades of separation, loneliness and battling the elements are his two greatest obstacles.

Mr. Glasheen, 60 – has called his private island home for 20 years


This little island is located at the north-eastern shore of Australia