Narnia Has Finally Come To Life In USA This Winter

Niagara falls are a scenic and beautiful places among the world to visit any time of year. However, because of the winter condition of North America, it has turned into a more truly  breathtaking sight. While the storm has caused chaos in some areas and affected the New Year’s plans of millions, one upside to the big chill is the raw beauty of nature. Many areas of the falls have frozen, forming huge, elaborately shaped ice formations dangling precariously on the rocks, giving the impression of a Narnia-like winter fantasy land.

1. Horseshoe Falls


Horseshoe Falls, is one the largest waterfall in Niagara, is covered with snow and ice forming a beautiful winter fantasy land.

2.  Simply Breathtaking Views


The above scenery occurs only when the temperature drops below freezing for a good number of days.


3. The Beauty Of Nature


This photo is a perfect example that nature cannot be controlled however only it can itself.

4. Lamp Decorated With cotton


The decoration of ice on the lamp seems to a decoration of cotton making a beautiful attraction for people. Turn to next page for more picture of Niagara fall