After the fierce battle in the 4th Great Ninja War Naruto lost his hand when he defeated Sasuke, and Guy was badly injured while fighting Madara of six paths. Naruto received his prosthetic hand but why didn’t guy get a prosthetic leg? Lets find out…

The great war that has just ended.


Since the great was has ended now the whole attention is on the next series ‘Boruto’ so there are bound to be some incomplete or unexplained stories in the previous series Naruto Shipuden.

Both Naruto and Guy were injured badly in the war.


Naruto after he defeats Sasuke in the final battle, they lose their arm in the fight!

Guy too gets badly injured.


Guy was soo close to defeating Madara and Madara being the strongest living Shinobi at the moment recognized Guy sensei as the strongest shinobi. But unfortunately Guy lost his ability to use his leg.

Why din’t Guy get a prosthetic leg?



We know that Naruto managed to receive back the hand he lost, then why hasn’t Guy received one?

But Guy did receive a leg!?


Guy has actually received his leg, it’s just that it isn’t working. But when you compare it with Naruto’s had it is clear that Naruto is freely able to use his hand, but why not Guy?

The damage scale.


The reason might be the damage scale, while Naruto lost his had to a molecular level, but Guy’s injury was different, Guy’s leg was completely incinerated.

Replaced by a prosthetic one.


From the last few episodes we know that Naruto’s prosthetic arm was cultivated from Hashirama’s cells just like how Obito’s half body was replaced. So why didn’t it work the same for Guy?

The real reason might be…


We this the real reason might be that, the issue is yet to be resolved in Boruto, maybe it’s a plot under development? Just like how we have seen Shippuuden developing. Some things changed now and then as the series was ongoing. We can’t lose hope on Guy now!