Netflix integrates a ‘Shuffle Play’ button for ‘Indecisive’ Audience!

If you’re really confused about your watchlist and don’t know what to binge to, then Netflix has a solution for that. Netflix has tested a new “Shuffle” feature that could help. The company has confirmed that it’s currently testing a feature that integrates a big button titled “Shuffle Play” right on the Netflix home screen, beneath the user profile icon. When pressed, Netflix will randomly play content it thinks you’ll love to watch. This could be anything ranging from a movie to a show you’re currently watching. It could also include something you’ve saved to your list or a title that’s similar to something you’ve already watched.

The “Shuffle Play” Button

The new feature button is currently available on the Netflix app for TV devices, much to many users’ surprise. Some users thought the inclusion of this feature could be fun or useful, while others just seem a bit confused.

The company explained that the idea behind the feature is to support its members swiftly and easily find content that’s tailored to their tastes. This is a challenge Netflix has talked about over the years through a variety of features and tests. Such as screensavers on its TV apps, pre-roll videos, and even promotional content showcased on the home screen. Ultimately, the company wants the experience of utilizing Netflix to feel more like watching traditional TV. It means the user you just turn it on and something starts playing. Of course, that’s how the annoying auto-playing feature was introduced. Which earlier this year, Netflix finally allowed users to disable with an update.

Variations of the Same Concept

The fresh “Shuffle Play” button is the latest in a long lineup of tests where Netflix has tried to make a shuffle concept work. Last year, for instance, Netflix tried out a shuffle mode that allows the user to click on a popular show to start playing a random episode. This may have worked well when users wanted to play a random episode of their default pick, such as the “The Office” or “Friends.” However, Netflix is losing the former in 2021 and it has already lost the latter.

More recently, some Netflix users came across a shuffle option called “Play Something” in their TV app’s sidebar navigation.

Netflix validated that all of these are variations on the general “shuffle mode” concept, which it’s been trying out across surfaces. It consists of what it calls the “profile gate,” as well as the side menu and the main screen. Right now, the “Shuffle Play” button on the profile screen is the only test that’s still underway.

The company said it began to roll out the latest test to members worldwide last month and only on TV devices. Netflix has yet to decide if or when it will roll out a shuffle feature publicly, as it requires to first accumulate feedback from each different test and compare the results.