New Makeup Trend This Christmas, It’s The Christmas Tree Brows

Each year, No, every season we have a new makeup style trending. In the world of fashion, makeup has the most trending changes, just like clothes, makeup changes too. When a person comes up with a unique style of makeup and if it gets quickly popular it becomes a trend! Similarly, as we know that Chrismas is closing in, a few ladies came up with a unique makeup style, Christmas tree brows, it is the latest trend in makeup. Read the article to know more...

You can try a variety of different makeup styles!


Abi Raine is one of the girls who tried out this unique makeup style and captioned it, Squiggly brows who? I only know Christmas tree brows, I didn’t even have any makeup besides lashes n liner so I used wig glue, nail gems, and a gum wrapper lol that’s what u call beauty on a budget #christmastreeeyebrows.”

Christmas tree brows might make you a sensation this Christmas!


One of the Instagram user @daphnesmoker commented: “My eyebrow hairs are just not long enough for this hot new trend.”