According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now facing accusations that she’s drunk. It sounds like Messer can’t catch a break, as the accusation is downright ridiculous. To know more read the complete article

Leah has faced allegations in the past

As fans of Teen Mom 2 will recall, Leah Messer has faced allegations of drug use for the past couple of years and during one particular scene from a previous season of the series, she appeared to nod out while holding her niece.

She was also accused by her First Husband

She was also accused of having a drug issue by her first husband, Corey Simms, and a “prescription pill problem” by her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Leah denied being addicted to drugs.

Although Leah Messer faced shocking claims years ago and ultimately entered into a weeks-long treatment program in Arizona in 2015, she claimed she did so due to struggles with anxiety and depression. She also denied being addicted to drugs.

Latest News

The latest news rolls around Leah Messer being questioned about being “DRUNK” by Catelynn Lowell on Twitter

Shared a clip from Teen Mom 2

Over the weekend, Leah Messer reportedly shared a clip from Teen Mom 2. However, while the cast of the show regularly shares new sneak peeks and clips from recent episodes, Messer allegedly posted a link to the trailer for last year’s sixth season of the show.

You drunk, girl?

“Leah? You drunk, girl? You’re posting a trailer for Season 6,” Catelynn Lowell wrote after seeing what Leah Messer had shared.

Drunk? No

“I’m pretty sure the wrong link posted to Twitter. Drunk? No,” Leah Messer responded.

Touchy issue for Messer

While Leah Messer may have seemed to be a bit peeved at Catelynn Lowell’s speculation, Lowell quickly shut down the idea that she was drunk and tweeting and told Messer that she knew she wasn’t truly intoxicated. That said, it may be a touchy issue for Messer.