The New Zealand Man With A ‘DEVAST8’ Face Tattoo Is Getting It Removed

Devast8d no more! Father who couldn't get a job because of his huge face tattoos has the '8' lasered off his cheek (but it will take at least ELEVEN more sessions to get rid of all the ink. The New Zealand man with a 'DEVAST8' face tattoo is getting it removed for free.

Sacred Laser co-owner Briar Neville says Cropp’s face tattoo is the biggest she has had to deal with


Sacred Laser co-owner Briar Neville applied her laser removal skills to the now infamous ‘Devast8’ tattoo on Tuesday afternoon, the New Zealand Herald reported.

The session was the first of 12 required to remove the black lettering, which the parlor is doing free of charge


Ms. Neville said she wasn’t sure what to expect due to the ink used and the prison tattoo’s size. ‘The main concern is that the ink he’s used is not your regular ink. It’s something they’ve made in prison by melting down plastic utensils,’ she said.