The New Zealand Man With A ‘DEVAST8’ Face Tattoo Is Getting It Removed

Devast8d no more! Father who couldn't get a job because of his huge face tattoos has the '8' lasered off his cheek (but it will take at least ELEVEN more sessions to get rid of all the ink. The New Zealand man with a 'DEVAST8' face tattoo is getting it removed for free.

The first session took place on Tuesday afternoon and will be the first of 12 sessions required to remove the unwanted ink


Tuesday afternoon’s session left the ‘8’ on Cropp’sface visibly lighter than before. It is also the largest face tattoo she has ever had to deal with.

‘This would be the biggest tattoo on the face that I’ve come across.’


The 19-year-old was reluctant to get the ink erased, telling Kyle Sandilands on KIIS FM that he was worried people will say,  ‘s*** that fella’s got a lot of blackheads.’